Story County Family is dedicated to assisting parents and agencies who serve families with quick and easy access to programs and services available in the following Story County, Iowa communities: Ames, Cambridge, Collins, Colo, Gilbert, Huxley, Kelley, McCallsburg, Maxwell, Nevada, Roland, Slater, Story City, and Zearing.

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Resource Directory

lowa’s Information and Referral Database for Health
and Human Services.
Children with Special Needs
Information on resources and services for families
of children with special needs under the age of 21.
Information on local elementary schools, middle
schools, and high schools and educational support
and assistance .
Family_ Concerns
Information and resources on an array of family
concers such as child abuse and neglect,
substance abuse, and crisis services for children
under that age of 18.
Information on rental and housing assistance, utiltiy
assistance, and temporary housing for youth,
adults, and families.
Out of School Activities
Information on activities and services for children
ages, 5-18.
Other Resources
Information on the state of lowa, Story County
communities, legal and financial counseling, and
volunteer opportunties.
Products and Services
Information on local stores and organizations that
provide clothing and everyday items for children
under the age of 18.
Summer Activites :
Various activities for the whole family during the
summer months. mini vape

Before and After School Child Care
Information on school-age child care programs and resources for parents and child care professionals.
Early Care and Education
Information on child care, early childhood education, and resouces for parents and early childhood professionals.
Entertainment and Activities
Information on local activities and outings for families.
Information on local health care options, CRP and First Aid classes, and medical help and hotlines.
Information on local food resources such as food pantries, farmers’ markets, and local farms.
Information on local classes and resources for parents.
Information on local classes and resources for expectant parents.
Information on safety programs such as car seat safety checks, fire safety, and much more.

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