The SEO logic behind the structure of the website

All the steps you usually take are focused on a goal accompanied by an implementation plan. The same should apply to the structure of the website – define the aim, create a plan and then start to think of the design.

The structure of your website influences SEO results. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons for this and suggest actions to appear as high as possible on search engine rankings due to the clear structure of your site and the right approach to presenting the content.

When you remove all design elements, the structure is the only thing left. If the human mind finds what it is looking for there, most likely search engines will find it too. According to the latest Google algorithm changes, the extent to which the customer is happy with the website matters a lot. The happiness of the customer is reflected in two ways – bounce rate and time spent on the website. Bounce rate refers to jumping over sections, whereas overall time spent on the site should be as long as possible.

The overall structure of the website can be easily evaluated by finding it in results provided by the search engine. This is an example of good site structure, where precise site links are indicated and shown to the party interested. They point users to the precise location of the content and also shorten the conversion funnel.

A proper SEO and structure of Adobe website
Example of proper Google search results of Adobe website.

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